Walia Ibex

Walia Ibex is an endemic animal found in the northern part of Ethiopia, specifically in the Semen mountains. As the animal, Ethiopian food is also unique. Hence, we named our restaurant after this unique animal. Restaurant Walia Ibex is a family owned restaurant. We have been serving great Ethiopian food for more than 10 years for Amsterdammers and tourists.


We are open Monday to Sunday from 5:00pm to 10:30pm

If you would like to have a 100% gluten free meal, then you need to let us know at least 24hrs earlier via email, phone, specify it while making a reservation.

We are open

From: Sat Feb 01 2020

To: Sun Apr 26 2020



Ethiopian cuisine is not a cuisine without ingera. Injera is the Ethiopian flat bread which is made out of teff flour and it is unique to Ethiopia for its distinct taste and texture. The main ingredients used to make ingera is the tiny iron rich grain called teff, however in some areas wheat, barley and corn flour are used to combine with teff.

Ethiopian Cusine

As with its cuisine Ethiopia lies somewhat different from the rest of the world. Vegetarian dishes are popular both by Muslims and Christians population, who respect nearly two hundreds fasting days per year. Chicken, meat, and dairy product are not allowed in fasting time by the Christians.