Restaurant Walia Ibex

Located at the heart of Amsterdam with more than 15 years of experiance.
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Walia Ibex

We took the challenge to open and run this restaurant since 2005. And we name it after one of the endemic animal that is found in Ethiopia. Walia Ibex lives in very steep part of Semen Mountains, the highest mountain in Ethiopia. And here we are after more than 15 years of experience still serving Ethiopian cuisine for Amsterdamers and tourists.


Ethiopian cuisine is not a cuisine without injera. Injera is the Ethiopian flat bread which is made out of teff flour mainly. It is unique to Ethiopia for its distinct taste and texture. Teff is used as the main ingredients to make ingera. It is very tiny in size but iron rich. However, in some areas wheat, barley and corn flour are combine with teff to prepare injera.

Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine is moslty a combination of injera, the flat bread, and one or more sauce on top of it. We eat with our hands, no knife or fork is need. Traditionally, family and friends eat together from a single large plate. And usually one person take a smaller portion and feed another one to show his/her love. We call this expression of love 'Gursha'. It could be between lovers, families, relatives, or close friends.

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  • : 1e jacob van campenstraat 41,
    1072 BD, Amsterdam